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Ways to help make the July holidays less stressful

With private and public schools closed due to Covid-19 lockdown regulations, families are feeling the pressure. Here's how to cope...

It’s wonderful to have a mid-year break but chances are you and your family are most likely not at the beach or bush relaxing during the July holidays. Because of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, many families are staying indoors and practicing social distancing to keep themselves and others safe. With everyone under one roof, it’s no wonder parents are feeling overwhelmed and kids are bored.

The good news is there are ways to make these holidays a little less stressful. Here’s how:

Put together a list of activities

Everyone in the family can write down a list of things they would like to do during the holiday. As a family, you can then plan around these activities and coordinate mom and dad’s schedules so that everyone feels like they did something ‘fun’. Put this list on the fridge so everyone can see what is happening, and when.

Share housework duties

Meals, dishes, and housework still need to be done. Most domestic workers take time off during this time of the year, and it’s important to ensure that all members of the family contribute towards the household duties so that you aren’t left doing them all!

Draw up a budget

This is the worse time of the year for your bank account! While movies, outings, restaurant excursions, etc. may be off the cards due to lockdown, the bills can still add up in the form of online shopping. Try setting a budget and ensure everyone sticks to it.

Schedule some “me-time”

Why is it that we always want everybody else to be happy, and to do things that they love, while we always put ourselves last on the priority list? While many of us will be working at home through the July holidays, try and take some time off for yourself, whether it’s knocking off an hour earlier from work and reading a book on the couch, or sleeping in late every now and then.

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