Din-Al-View CPF needs more members

The community must get involved in the safety of their area.

Tony Purnell, from the Din-Al-View CPF, is appealing to all residents in the area to join the forum.

“I draw the attention of all residents of Dinwiddie, Albemarle and Castleview to the front page of the Germiston City News, dated November 8,” he said.

“In the article it states that ‘Black Reef Road in Sector Five (Dinwiddie, Albemarle and Castleview) suffers the most housebreakings.

“It was further stated that in Sectors Four and Five housebreakings occur sporadically throughout the entire area.”

Purnell added that in the Din-Al-View Sector there are 2 207 registered stands, made up as follows:

  •  Albemarle – 24 per cent
  •  Dinwiddie – 53 per cent
  •  Castleview — 10 per cent
  •  Union – 13 per cent

These figures exclude the number of units in estates, complexes and flats.

He said that the Din-Al-View CPF has only 71 registered members and the Facebook group has 149 members (of which five per cent live outside the area and 30 per cent are from the registered CPF members).

The BBM and Whatsapp groups have 220 members (where six per cent are on Facebook and four per cent duplicated.)

“This means that, of 2 207 stands, only three per cent are registered members,” Purnell said.

“Then, of that three per cent, only 11 per cent are active patrollers.

“That means that each patroller must cover 276 stands and not all patrollers are patrolling at the same time.

“Also, the patrollers are working people and do not have much time to conduct patrols, as they also need to spend time with their families.

“Surely there is victory in numbers?

“Be the change you want to see in our community; we need more members.”

The Din-Al-View CPF meets on the last Wednesday of every month, at 6.30pm, at Dinwiddie High School.

For more information visit the website at

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