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60 wonderful years

Celebrating 60 years of marriage.

Archie and Dulcie Smith, from Solheim, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday.

The pair first met by chance at the annual ball held at the Wanderer’s Club.

Archie was invited to the ball by his friend, only because Dulice’s original dance partner had come down with chicken pox.

The chance meeting blossomed and the pair were engaged in 1952 and married on November 14, 1953.

They put down roots when they moved to Germiston in 1966.

The two used to enjoy hiking the area together.

“Hiking is the most beautiful hobby a husband and wife can share,” said Archie.

The couple has been blessed with four children, three sons (Bruce, Gavin and André), a daughter (Janet Reilly) and six beautiful grandchildren.

Three years ago Dulice moved into an old age home in the area, where she is receiving treatment for advanced Alzheimer’s.

Archie visits her each week.

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