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Mayor expects reintegration soon

Foreign nationals should be going back to their homes soon.

Ekurhuleni executive mayor Clr Mondli Gungubele has told residents of Makause to prepare for a reunion with the displaced foreign nationals.

Speaking to hundreds of Makause residents, on Wednesday afternoon, Gungubele said it was “un-South African” to demonstrate such levels of hatred against other African brothers.

Makause and Marathon informal settlements were the most affected by the recent xenophobic attacks in the Gauteng province.

This resulted in the displacement of just over 1 000 foreign nationals who had to be accommodated at temporary camps in Primrose and Elsburg.

However, the number has gone down to 540, as people have started to voluntarily move back to their shelters.

“The time has come to put an end to this crime we are committing against each other as Africans; we cannot take joy at attacking other Africans.

“Today you must work with us as we try to reintegrate the communities of Marathon and Makause,” Gungubele said to the sound of loud cheers.

“You must get ready to welcome your fellow brothers and sisters back; they want to come back home, but are scared of what might happen to them.

“Let us come together and assure them that their safety is guaranteed.”

He also informed the community that plans were afoot to roll out a mass reintegration programme throughout Ekurhuleni.

“If everything goes according to plan, we should clear the camps by the weekend,” he said.

“However, we need to be extra sure that all parties are part of our plans to reintegrate.

“We must also begin to implement a social cohesion programme, that will assist us never to witness such incidents again as a country.”

Makause community leader Jomo Ngwenya assured the mayor that the community was ready to welcome back the people.

“We are not proud of what happened in our area and we wish to guarantee the victims full protection,” he said.

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