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Explore the magic of steam engines

Book a trip with Reefsteamers and experience the magic of steam locomotion.

For more than 30 years enthusiasts around the world have quietly and insistently kept the “Age of Steam” alive.

Men and women painstakingly build replicas of famous steam locomotives and engines, in miniature and even full scale, in the hope of keeping the tradition going.

The Reefsteamers Association is one of these preservation groups.

This non-profit company based at the old Germiston Steam Locomotive Depot in Knights, restore, maintain and run a number of the SAR Historic rolling stock of locos and coaches.

Reefsteamers’ staff/members are all volunteers and come from all walks of life, with one thing in common – a passion to see steam in action.

The group’s income is made predominantly from the sale of tickets for scheduled trips to Magaliesburg, and Irene (when possible) each Saturday.

However, the ravages of time and weather are taking their toll on the depot itself, making it increasingly difficult for Reefsteamers to operate.

Visit the Reefsteamers depot in Knights where steam trains come to life.
Visit the Reefsteamers depot in Knights where steam trains come to life.

“Hail in recent years has smashed many window panes and rust has set in on the all-important roofing which protects the locomotives and coaches,” said Claire Nelson-Esch, from the organisation.

“Consequently, a major membership and fund-raising drive has been initiated.”

There are several ways that the community can contribute to keeping the Age of Steam alive.

  •  Book a real steam train trip by calling 063 743 9200 or emailing to bookings@reefsteamers.com.
  •  Charter a train by emailing to bookings@reefsteamers.com.
  •  Book a spot at the annual Winter Photoshoot held on July 23, email to photo@reefsteamers.com or call Ian Morison on 082 903 9463.
  •  Attend the Reefsteamers annual Coal and Steam Festival held on July 30.
  •  Donate towards locomotive and/or depot repairs.
  •  Name a locomotive for five years by emailing to engineering@reefsteamers.com.
  •  Recycle – drop your aluminium waste at the depot where it can be sold.
  •  Become an active Reefsteamers Association member by emailing to membership@reefsteamers.

Reefsteamers also has one of South Africa’s only operational massive wheel lathes, as well as many other pieces of specialised heavy engineering equipment and/or capabilities which can be hired by interested parties. Email enquiries to engineering@reefsteamers.com.

For more information on how you can get involved call Claire on 082 894 8877 or email to membership@reefsteamers, alternatively visit www.reefsteamers.com for more details.


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