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No reason given for power outages

Metro investigates continuous power outages in parts of Germiston.

The metro recently warned residents of power interruptions as technicians carried out essential electrical equipment repair work at a 33KV substation.

The power interruption was meant to last for two days and would affect Germiston South Extensions Two, Four, Seven, Eight and Nine, Germiston Extensions Three, Nine and 10 and Tedstoneville Extension One.

So imagine residents’ surprise when two days before the scheduled blackout they were left without electricity.

Catherine Botes contacted the GCN in an attempt to get answers, “Two days before the scheduled power cut and we have been left without power.

“When will the power be restored?

“Does this mean we are going to be without power for four days, if so, is metro prepared for the repercussions as freezers don’t stay frozen for four days,” she said.

A Lambton Gardens resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said that this was just another power outage in the area, “We have been without power for more than 50 hours over the last two weeks and despite numerous calls to the metro we cannot find out why the power is continuously out,” he said.

The GCN contacted the metro to find out the cause behind the continued power interruptions.

“The reported power outages in Lambton Gardens were resolved at each incident.

“However, investigations are still underway to identify the cause of the problem,” said spokesman for the metro, Themba Gadebe.

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