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Safety on Klopperpark swimming pool raised

"After swimming, there are no cleaning supplies to remove the bacteria. At the pool's edge, algae is beginning to develop."

Ward 92 Clr Kade Guerreiro highlighted safety concerns at Klopperpark swimming pool.

During the winter break, the city conducted maintenance and repairs of pools to prepare them for the splish-splash season.

A total of 18 community pools located across Ekurhuleni were open to all swimmers in September.

Guerreiro criticised the city stating that when the Klopperpark pool was reopened, there were lifeguards, security guards,

The Klopperpark swimming pool is deemed unsafe to use because of the algae and weeds.

a properly operating pump station, and well-cut grass.


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“A few months later, the grass is overgrown, putting children playing near the pool at risk of slipping and falling and suffering life-threatening injuries,” said Guerreiro.

“The pump station for the pool is no longer operational. For similar reasons, the Gerdview swimming pool was closed as well.

“Many of the children that come to swim in the pool don’t receive swimming lessons. Where are the lifeguards at the pool, and what will happen if a youngster drowns?

Not even first aid training is provided to the security officers. What would happen in the event of a crisis?

“The method used to purify the water is another concern. After swimming, there are no cleaning supplies to remove the bacteria. At the pool’s edge, algae is beginning to develop,” he said.

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He also said the security guards at the swimming pool were not paid their salaries for the month of October.

GCN sent a request for comment to the City of Ekurhuleni on October 31, requesting comment by November 3 at 12:00.

By the time of going to print no comment had been received.

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