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Murder accused remanded in custody at Germiston Magistrate’s Court

Dr Pretorius said the Botha family was loving, thus the worst thing that could have occurred to them would have been a broken carboard.

Eugene Botha was taken back into custody after his bail application was postponed on January 11.

The postponement of the case also allows investigating officers additional time to conduct further investigations.

The 43-year-old appeared in the Germiston Magistrate’s Court to face charges of triple murder and the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Botha was taken into custody on January 2 on the suspicion of murdering his mother – Jane, father – Johan, and sister Suné Botha.

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He was arrested in Elsburg by provincial SAPS officers on January 2 for murder and the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

The arrest was made when police found the family members’ bodies after acting on information received from the community.

SAPS spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi said SAPS are investigating a case of triple murder.
“The motive for the killings is unknown. All the victims had sharp stab wounds,” said Nevhuhulwi.

Botha first appeared on January 4 in Court A at the Germiston Magistrate’s Court.

On Thursday, relatives of the deceased were in attendance when Botha made his second appearance.

The accused was called from the cells to make a statement after the magistrate denied the media’s requests to record, broadcast, or take pictures of the court hearing.

The magistrate informed the media she would not allow the media to film or take pictures of the suspect while he was taking the stand as it might sway public opinion in the case.

The magistrate claimed the suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

The state requested the case to be postponed so that more investigation could be done before the formal hearing gets underway.

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The magistrate adjourned the case. Botha was instructed to return to court on February 8 at 08:30.

While in the courtroom, before leaving the dock, Botha tried to talk to some relatives who were in attendance, however, they only stared back at him blankly.

A family spokesperson Dr Pretorius, who asked not to have her first name published spoke to the media following the court sessions.

She said the rest of the family was shocked by the news of the murders and had not processed it.

“This is a very difficult period,” stated Pretorius adding, “We are just trying to come to terms with what has happened and trying to find out what has transpired on that day.

“The police investigations are still pending and we hope to hear more from the police,” she said.

Pretorius said the Botha family was loving. Before this incident, the worst thing that may have occurred to them was furniture breaking.

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“The family was devout and regularly attended church services. The rest of the family was taken aback by this news, as we all reside in different provinces due to our jobs.

The funeral is still planned by the family; since it is a three-person funeral, there will be difficulties,” said Pretorius.

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