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Surge in liquor outlets and related crimes alarm Primrose residents

This has been a brewing problem, with residents constantly requesting for these establishments to be closed.

The rising number of liquor outlets in their area and the associated surge in violent crimes increasingly alarm residents of Primrose.

Over the weekend of June 1, one person was shot at a Primrose liquor store, and another two were shot outside a Primrose liquor outlet and tavern.

David Hutch Barr, the vice-chairperson of the Primrose Ratepayers Association, highlighted the growing frustration among residents.

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“There has been a surge in liquor outlets, with new ones opening every few weeks.

“This has not gone unnoticed by residents, who feel the number of these outlets is excessive and now contributing to crime and social ills in the area,” said Hutch Barr.

He called for stricter regulations on licensing and operations to prevent further clustering of liquor outlets in residential areas.

Primrose CPF chairperson Tracy Enslin confirmed the shootings and said cases were opened at the SAPS.

“Colonel Eunice Nzuza, the Primrose Station commander, is taking these incidents and the community’s concerns seriously.

She already had meetings with the liquor stores, the tavern owners, and the landlord of the building where these establishments are located.

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“Both have remained closed for the past few days,” Enslin said.

These establishments were still closed by June 7.

A critical meeting is scheduled for June 12 involving the liquor outlet owners, the Liquor Board, PRA, CPF, ward councillors, and EMPD.

Enslin emphasised the urgency of addressing the problem.

“We have more than 50 licensed liquor outlets in Primrose and about 70, including unlicensed ones.

“In some streets, there are 17 outlets, with some owners holding multiple licenses for establishments on the same street. This cannot be a norm,” she said.

Enslin also described the difficulties faced by the community and law enforcement.

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“The situation is getting out of control, making it difficult for the CPF to conduct patrols. Some nights, it looks like a street party on Rietfontein Road, with cars blaring music and people drinking on the pavement.

“Living in Primrose has become unbearable for residents, especially on weekends,” Enslin said, noting many residents are considering moving out because of the deteriorating quality of life.”

Residents and community leaders are calling for decisive action to regulate the proliferation of liquor outlets and restore safety and order in Primrose.

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