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Residents join hands in a clean-up for Turnhout Park

The community previously raised safety concerns about the park.

In a proactive effort to enhance community safety and revitalise local amenities, Blessing Mupfumisi, a Sunnyridge resident and businessman, spearheaded a clean-up campaign at Turnhout Park.

Joined by volunteers from the Primrose Youth Desk and crime prevention wardens, the initiative aimed to restore the park’s usability and safety.

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Mupfumisi, who frequently visits the park with his children, expressed concern over its deteriorating condition.

A volunteer cuts weeds during the park clean-up.

“This was once a well-maintained facility, but over time, it became a neighbourhood worry.“

The park had fallen into disrepair with overgrown weeds and abandoned spaces that posed safety risks, including broken glass and potential hiding places for criminals.

“We took it upon ourselves to clean up the park. It was a voluntary effort funded from our pockets, driven by a desire to create a safer, cleaner play area for our children,” Mupfumisi explained.

He called on residents to actively maintain public spaces, stressing the role of community engagement alongside municipal efforts.

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Sergeant Styles Maome, who co-ordinates the Primrose crime prevention efforts, underscored the community’s concerns.

Seargent Styles Maome and a Youth Desk member clean the park.

“Children were seen playing barefoot amid hazardous conditions. This clean-up was timely and necessary.”

Maome highlighted the ongoing safety issues, including homeless individuals using park buildings, emphasising the need for sustained maintenance.

“Ackermans Pharmacy provided crucial assistance in disposing of the collected waste, leaving the park in a much-improved state.”

The collaborative clean-up addressed immediate safety concerns and fostered community spirit, setting a precedent for ongoing park maintenance and community involvement in Sunnyridge.

Primrose crime prevention co-ordinator Seargent Styles Maome picks weeds during the clean-up.

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