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Clegg joins locals and Hospice to celebrate life

“It is a beautiful thing to support the people at Hospice. They are our unsung heroes. I feel proud to be able to use my platform to support them.”

The singer, songwriter and guitarist Jesse Clegg was proud to support the unsung heroes at Hospice when he joined hordes of residents during the Hospice East Rand candle celebration at St Dunstan’s College on October 14.

As the guest of honour, Clegg treated the guests to a thrilling music and dancing experience, while the Benoni High Pipe Band and a marimba band from St Dustan’s College added to the fun.

“I had lots of experience with Hospice. I have a deep respect for their work and the care they give to sick people and the families trying to deal with their situation. It is something that deserves to be celebrated. I am proud to be a part of this event,” Clegg said.

The 35-year-old lost his father, renowned musician Johnny to pancreatic cancer in 2019, and his wife Dani Cooperman to colon cancer last September.

“I know when a family is going through that and how difficult it is. To have these brave individuals from Hospice that teach you how to go through this process is beautiful and helpful.”

The singer commended Hospice for its work and urged those with the means and presence to use their platforms to give back to their communities.

“As someone who has a platform, we have to use it responsibly for things that add to the community, especially if it is something you have benefitted from. It is a privilege to give back.

“It is a beautiful thing to support the people at Hospice. They are our unsung heroes. I feel proud to be able to use my platform to support them,” said Clegg.

Locals settled on the lawn opposite the EJ Butler Centre to join the Hospice East Rand as they lit their candles to celebrate life and those journeying through life-threatening illnesses.

“The event was about creating awareness and explaining to people that Hospice is not about end-of-life care only.

“We rallied people in our community to come here and learn about it because we do not often talk about it. The idea is to celebrate life while we are in good health to enjoy what that means,” said Hospice East Rand PRO Jonquil Siepman.

The Hospice East Rand chairperson, Con Roux, said they decided to have the event this year as a family celebration of life.

“We are remembering those we have lost, but above all, we want it to celebrate life and our loved ones. With everything going on today, it is important to stop and celebrate those around us,” said Roux.

A motivational speaker, Nicky Dickson, said besides the trauma and loss we experience when we lose a loved one, there is always something to learn in death.

“Death does not mean the loss of a relationship. Often, the traditional forms of grief tell us that once we have gone through a period of grief, we are almost supposed to pack everything and move on. That is not what we are supposed to do. Instead, we should remember and continue celebrating them instead of forgetting them.”

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