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How to be the tenant landlords are looking for

Tips for becoming the ideal tenant

The rental market is growing more competitive. If you want to secure your desired rental property, establish yourself as a reputable tenant. Landlords and real estate agents have various methods for evaluating tenants.

Five essential tips that will help you be considered a top tenant:

1. Boost your credit score

Landlords not only consider your income but also assess how you managed financial obligations in the past. This serves as an indicator of your ability to pay rent promptly and in full. A good credit score will put landlords at ease.

If your credit score needs improvement, it may take at least six months to enhance it.

Credit scores are calculated by credit bureaus, where they consider payment history, debt utilisation, credit history length, recent activity, and credit mix.

If you have concerns or questions about credit checks, discuss them with your rental agent who can provide guidance, according to Just Property CEO Paul Stevens.

2. Find the right match

To impress the agent managing the property, have a clear idea of your requirements when searching for a rental.
Prepare a list that includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed, garage or parking space requirements, details about your well-behaved pet (if applicable), desired level of security, and proximity to shops, schools, public transport, or hospitals.

3. Read and understand the lease

Many tenants feel hesitant about questioning lease clauses, but it is important to understand and agree to what you are committing to.

Asking for explanations or seeking clarification on anything you do not comprehend or are not satisfied with can improve the relationship between tenant and landlord.

Additionally, it is crucial to determine additional costs beyond the monthly rental beforehand, advised Pieter van den Berg, co-owner of Just Property Prosper.

4, Pay rent on time

Timely rent payments and associated costs are a priority for landlords and managing agents. This factor often plays a significant role when another landlord requests a tenant reference. Establish a record of punctual payments if you want to be recognised as a reliable tenant. This builds trust and may influence future rent negotiations.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from paying on time, promptly inform your agent or landlord. Open communication allows for potential solutions, said Liesl Alves from Just Property Blouberg.

5. Treat the property with care

Property portfolio managers, such as those at Just Property Prosper, oversee numerous rental properties and appreciate tenants who treat their leased homes as if their own.

Maintain cleanliness – both inside and outside the property. Handle general day-to-day maintenance and minor repairs whenever possible. Communication is key when issues arise, such as water leaks or potential damage to structures caused by trees or plants.

Seek permission before making changes to the property, and restore modifications to their original condition upon vacating, as stated in the lease, added Veronique Eachus, a leading Just Property agent in Gqeberga.

By following these tips, you can establish yourself as a top tenant, gain access to a wide selection of rental properties, and cultivate a positive relationship with your landlord and letting agent, concluded Stevens.

Issued by Paul W. Reynell on behalf of Deirdre Moore from Just Property

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