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Hardscaping adds value to your property

Examples include patios, fountains, fire pits and pathways.

Hardscaping refers to any man-made structures in landscaping design made of materials like gravel, brick, wood, pavers or stone.

Any solid structure in an outdoor area, not plant life, is considered hardscape. Examples include patios, fountains, fire pits and pathways.

Worth noting is the fact that features like a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen or flagstone patio tiles can make your outdoor space more liveable and add visual appeal, functionality and value to your home.

Hardscaping provides definition and a sense of organisation to the natural areas and features.

Elements can define the use of a space, such as a driveway, or can lead visitors through different zones of softscaping, for instance, a gravel path winding through a grassy area and into a secluded garden.

Softscaping, on the other hand, encompasses organic, living materials such as trees, shrubs and flower beds.

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A wide selection of products and materials can be used to craft attractive hardscaping designs for outdoor spaces.

A built-in outdoor fire pit or fireplace in brick or stone provides a safe and controlled space to enjoy fire outdoors and can make your outdoor space more liveable.

Fire pits are often used as gathering places for family and friends to socialise – and can also be for cooking or toasting marshmallows.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials and are designed to fit any outdoor decor style.

Some are portable and moved around, whereas others are built into the ground or patio.

Stone pathways consist of materials like natural stone or concrete pavers. They provide access to different parts of the garden and help you avoid getting your feet dirty.

Retaining walls are load-bearing walls at the top or bottom of a slope, which dam up dirt and water runoff that would otherwise interfere with a growing softscape.

Gazebos and pergolas are freestanding structures in various shapes, sizes, materials and themes that provide shade and shelter and make outdoor spaces more usable.

Decks and patios made of brick, wood or concrete can extend living space outdoors.

Water features like fountains or paved garden streams create a natural focal point with a tranquil feel. In small water features a pool portion can be made with a pre-formed rigid plastic liner.

With larger features, a flexible rubber liner allows you to create pools or ponds of any size or shape.

Driveways are functional hardscape items that can add significant curb appeal. They can consist of poured concrete, brick, stone, asphalt, or any other sturdy, weather-resistant and load-bearing material.


Many hardscape projects are too physically demanding to complete by hand, and some require heavy equipment.

Before giving up on a project because you cannot afford the necessary heavy equipment, look into the option of hiring.

In addition to being expensive, heavy equipment takes up valuable storage space.

Plant and equipment hire outlets may be the solution to your problem.

Consider hardscaping to increase the look and value of your property.

(Article: www.privateproperty.co.za – Sarah-Jane Meyer).

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