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Why you should stay away from rat poison

This is how rat poison affects humans.

Rat poison is highly toxic to humans and animals, whether touched, smelled, or swallowed.

Exposure to it can cause bleeding from the skin, gums, nose, and internal bleeding.

Other symptoms may include an altered level of consciousness, convulsions and confusion, extreme urination, thirst and dehydration, shortness of breath and lethargy.

What should one do if accidentally ingest rat poison?

• Drink a glass of water if you can.

• Don’t vomit, you may aspirate.

• If you have rat poison on your clothes or skin, remove your clothes and rinse the skin with water immediately for 15 to 20 minutes.

• If you get rat poison in your eyes, flush your eyes while open for 15 to 20 minutes

• You may also call the poison centre for advice.

Tips on how to safely store rat poison in homes

• Avoid keeping rat poison at all.

• If you must, store it in dry, cool places far from children’s reach. Avoid keeping it in the kitchen. Buy poison in block form rather than powder or pellets.

• To keep rats away, don’t leave food in the house.

• Keep leftovers tightly sealed.

• Use rat-trapping devices.

• Always use protective gear (gloves, eyewear and masks) when handling rat poison

• Wash your hands well with soap after handling rat poison.

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