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Health department warns of messages about tenders

Usually, scammers count on the public’s inability to pick up simple red flags.

The Gauteng Department of Health (GDoH) has noted with concern the latest tender scam on WhatsApp, where an individual pretending to be the GDoH’s head of department asks recipients of the message to make contact regarding a tender.

The public should note that heads of departments are not involved in tender administration or directly contacting bidders.

GDoH officials are not allowed to contact any person or company outside the tender processes, especially on WhatsApp or using private domains instead of the Gauteng Provincial Government’s official domain (Name.Surname@gauteng.gov.za).

It is vital that the public remain vigilant and not fall for such scams because they aim to defraud participants of their money.

The modus operandi of these schemes is that they thrive on giving false hope and the promise of easy money.

Usually, the scammers count on the public’s, especially emerging businesses, inability to pick up simple red flags like a wrong date, the use of incorrect government logos, false contact details or links to fake websites.

Should any individual or company receive any email, SMS or WhatsApp message about GDoH-related tenders outside the tender process, they should enquire with HealthSCMqueries@gauteng.gov.za before being swindled.

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