The symbolic behind Christmas decorations

Red – Blood that Christ sheds for us, Green – Everlasting life He gives to us, Orange/Gold – Gift for a king, Blue – Christ is the Prince of Peace and White – Our sins will be washed and made as white as snow.

Every year millions of persons across the world transform their homes using attractive ornaments and lights to celebrate Christmas.

Some ornaments are simple, whilst some of them are elaborately designed and very expensive.

Christmas ornaments have a long history of both Christian and secular origin.

Let’s find out more about these meanings, starting with the colours traditionally used at Christmas.

Red – Blood that Christ sheds for us, Green – Everlasting life He gives to us, Orange/Gold – Gift for a king, Blue – Christ is the Prince of Peace and White – Our sins will be washed and made as white as snow.

A star represents the bright star that shone the night Jesus was born and candy canes the Shepherd’s staff. Christ is also called the Good Shepherd.

Gifts represent the gold, frankincense and myrrh brought by the three wise men whilst the Christmas tree relates to the eternal life.

Christmas carollers reminds us of the multitude of angels that sang on the night Jesus was born and  Holly Berries represent the blood that Christ shed for us.

Christmas candles and lights are symbolic of the the light that Jesus has brought to the world and the Christmas wreath represents the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified.

The Nativity scene represents the scene in the manger where Jesus was born whilst Christmas Bells is the call of mankind to worship the Lord.

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