Ford support girls at school

Mandela day saw Ford South Africa support young woman in Pretoria and Port Elizabeth, by partnering with Afribiz.

The Afribiz Foundation is a non-profit organisation which supply sustainable sanitary health to girls in secondary schools, in support of the outstanding efforts, Ford South Africa has donated R1 million to further the cause.

“Nelson Mandela believed firmly in creating opportunities for the youth through education, just as Henry Ford maintained that education is a pillar of success. This remains our philosophy, and in keeping with the spirit of Mandela Day and the upcoming Women’s Month in August, we are proud to support this fantastic initiative run by Afribiz Foundation to empower these young women with dignity. An estimated three-million South African girls miss three to five days of school a month due to a lack of access to sanitary products. This programme will enable these young women to face the world with confidence and get the most out of their education, thus giving them the best chance of achieving success,” Neale Hill, Managing Director, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

The project will provide 67 000 learners with locally-made, eco-friendly reusable feminine hygiene products which comes in the form of a pack comprising four reusable sanitary pads and a vanity case. The packs will be distributed to learners at 77 schools in Pretoria and 18 schools in Port Elizabeth. The project which will have over 268 000 pads made, is but one of the numerous charitable and supportive causes Ford is involved with. Every year Ford’s Resource in Engagement Centre provides free job training and skills development while the Enactus Ford College Community Challenge sees University students develop sustainable community upliftment projects while the Ford Wildlife Foundation support conservation projects around South Africa.

“At Ford, we believe that every day should be a Mandela Day, and it shouldn’t be limited to just 67 minutes once a year. Everyone has an important role to play in making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities around them, and Ford is committed to pursuing a greater purpose as we impact people’s lives in a positive and meaningful way, and make the world a better place,” Neale Hill, Managing Director, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

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