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Cars for Halloween: these cars from movies fit the “bad boys” bill

How do you get to the Halloween Ball is suitably evil style?

Halloween is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to dust the cobwebs off that badass costume and have a really spooktacular time. How do you get to the Halloween Ball is suitably evil style? These five cars – all driven by movie antagonists – fit the ‘bad boys’ bill:

The Defender V8 from No Time To Die (2021) The 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die, boasts the best stunts and car chase sequences yet – and many of those involve the Land Rover Defender, which is driven by the baddies. Celebrating the Defender’s starring role in the movie, Land Rover SV Bespoke has even created a stealthy Defender V8 Bond Edition (which comes in 110 or 90 guise). But only 300 will ever be made! Worried that you won’t get one? For a used Land Rover Defender V8 (110) on AutoTrader – expect an average registration year of 2021, an average mileage of 583km and an average price of R2 833 298.

Lexus SC430 from Mean Girls (2004) “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping,” is one of the most famous lines from this iconic movie – and it was uttered by chief baddie, Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams). She was, of course, inviting Cady Heron (portrayed by Lindsay Lohan) to hop into her Lexus SC430. Are you a fan of The Plastics? Want to get the same car? We only got the Lexus SC430 in 2008; you’re likely to find a used model on AutoTrader for an average price of R319 900 (average mileage of 84 457km; average registration year of 2008).

BMW M5 from Ronin (1998) The scenes showing Natascha McElhone (who played Deidre) racing a 1991 BMW M5 through Paris are widely regarded as one of the best car chases in movies – ever. It was, in fact, a tarted-up 535i and not a real M5 that was used on-camera. But what will it cost you to get the real deal? A 1991 BMW M5 comes in at an average price of just R143 233 (average mileage 224 333km).

Range Rover in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) A Range Rover has been the car of choice for several of the villains in James Bond movies – and it’s also the preferred vehicle for Elliot Carver’s men when they’re chasing Bond and Wai Lin – supposedly in Vietnam (the scene was actually filmed in Bangkok). Want a Range Rover that will leave you shaken but never stirred? A Range Rover 4.6 HSE Auto (average registration year 1998; average mileage 204 000km) can be found for an average price of a mere R33 900.

Aston Martin DB9 in Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Aston Martin has had a long association with James Bond but the DB9 also played a starring role in Fast & Furious 6 – as the car of choice for the baddie Owen Shaw (played by Luke Evans). One of these cars won’t come cheap. A used Aston Martin DB9s on AutoTrader clocks in at an average mileage 34 515km, average registration year 2010… and the average price is R1 205 901.

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