Five tips to help you own your internship

Get noticed and make your mark with these tips from a fellow intern.  

You’ve finished your studies, got your degree and now you’ve landed an internship – life is set! Make the most of this opportunity by taking notes of these tips from one of your peers – Njongo Sidloyi, Intern at Razor PR:  

  1. You’ve never studied enough:  You might think you’re done with your studying, but a commitment to ongoing education can help you expand your capabilities and become a competitive candidate. Even after you find an entry-level job, continuing to learn more about your chosen industry may increase your chances of advancement and enable you to make more significant contributions to your field. 
  2. Be vocal about  your goals: When you’re new to a job, consider being forthcoming about your ambitions with your supervisors and peers. Letting people know what responsibilities you enjoy, what skills you want to grow, and how you’d like to advance can enable them to better support you. 
  3. Master the small things: If there’s a small task that’s a regular need in your team, consider becoming an expert in it. For example, you could become highly proficient with a software program that your team uses occasionally, or you might develop a quick method for reporting. Becoming the person a team relies on for a regular task, regardless of the size of the job, can help demonstrate your value as a teammate.

  4. Remember to breathe: Mistakes happen and are common when you’re new to a job or an industry. Most mistakes are salvageable and often managers appreciate when team members are proactive and honest when they make a mistake. When you make an error, consider approaching your supervisor with an honest explanation of what happened and a plan for how to resolve it. You can then ask if they have any advice for minimizing the risk of mistakes in the future. Being communicative in these situations can help you build trust and learn how to improve your processes. 
  5. Don’t be scared to share your perspective: Everyone has different life experiences, and sharing your individual opinions, ideas and feelings with your team can help you collaborate more effectively and achieve stronger results. We often feel our opinion doesn’t matter or add value but junior team members can offer unexpected ideas and improve long-standing processes by suggesting a creative new way of doing things. Learning how to voice your thoughts at work and influence change can help you become a leader among your team. 

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