Tatane family blessed with graduates

Clermont family celebrate their sons' academic achievements.

HE Tatane family in Clermont is beaming with pride as they celebrate their sons who are graduating this graduation season with prestigious awards.
The Tatane parents, Pinky and Siyabulela, were excited to share about their sons, Mpilo and Lumko, who will be graduating from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).

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Mpilo will be graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Electronic Engineering with Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit on May 20. The graduate also became the vice-president of the DUT Chapter of The Golden Key International Honour Society after joining in 2022. In 2023, he graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electronic Engineering with Cum Laude and the Dean’s Merit.

His brother, Lumko, graduated recently from UKZN with an Honours Degree in Computer Science. This is after graduating with summa cum laude (80% in all modules for the degree) for his undergrad. During his studying career in UKZN, Lumko has been awarded five Dean’s Commendations and was invited to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship to study his Master’s in 2024 at Oxford.
Speaking to the Highway Mail, the siblings’ parents said they could not be more proud to see their children fulfil what they always preach.

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“As teachers, we always encourage learners to take education seriously. Having our sons graduate with prestigious awards gives us hope that we practise what we preach with our children.
“We are also encouraged to have such people come from a place like our neighbourhood where there aren’t many positive stories,” said the parents.

Mpilo, who is the eldest sibling, said that what kept him motivated was his passion for engineering.
“It is also the desire to be part of those who build and innovate new technologies in our country and also to motivate others like myself who come from backgrounds similar to my background and communities like Clermont, where I come from,” he said.
For Lumko, his two big motivators were his genuine interest in technology, and, according to him: “Possibly being involved in new innovations that drive the future-this led me into pursuing a degree in computer science out of interest and kept me engaged throughout.

“The second part would be my family. Throughout my entire life, my parents have emphasised the importance of getting an education as a means of improving my standard of living, especially since I grew up in Clermont. They, themselves, led by example by achieving their honours (Mom) and master’s (Dad) degrees and by celebrating my academic achievements,” he said.
Advising undergraduates, Mpilo said it is important to not be afraid to ask for clarification when you do not understand and to do your own research.

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“This will help you gain passion for your studies, and once the passion is there, studying will not be such a chore to do – it is very easy to study and excel in something you have a passion in,” he said.

Lumko emphasised time management. “Focus on time management – to be more specific, use a digital calendar like Google Calendar to mark your lectures and study hours and when you have tests, exams, assignments due, etc. Doing this is the only way to actually see how little time you have throughout each semester, making it so much easier to prioritise studying over everything else,” he said.
The two siblings are well placed in their careers with the hope to study even further.

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