Hillcrest High wins award for healthy environment

Hillcrest High School celebrates the School's International Flag Award for 2023.

HILLCREST High School is the proud recipient of the Eco-School’s International Flag Award for 2023 which is awarded by WESSA for the school’s diligence in working towards a healthy environment at the school.

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WESSA, the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, is a non-profit organisation made up of People Caring for the Earth.
In recognition of this award, Hillcrest High School principal Denise Knight said: “We are extremely proud of the progress the club has made with our food garden, with recycling projects and with the implementation of various eco-friendly initiatives for the school body.
“Our Eco-Schools Club is led by Mrs Lola Prior, one of our Life Sciences educators who has a passion for the environment and teaches learners the value of using our natural resources wisely,” said Knight.

The ‘Get Smart about Waste’ initiative led to the introduction of monkey-proof bins at school, and the collection of bottle caps and bread tags enabled the school to donate a wheelchair to KZN Cerebral Palsy.

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In a letter of commendation from WESSA, the Hillcrest High School community was applauded for their active participation in eco-friendly practices, promoting environmental awareness and integrating sustainability into the school curriculum.
“We have set our sights on achieving a Platinum Status 1 target this year, our sixth year of participation in the WESSA Eco-School’s programme.”

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