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Malvern cable theft affects streetlights

Thieves are targeting cables from inside the streetlights in the Huntley Road area, leaving several roads in darkness and making crime more prevalent.

THIEVES are adding to Huntley Road residents’ frustrations as cable theft is affecting streetlights in their area.

Huntley Neighbourhood Watch team leader Thora Hubl said that, in their community alone, there are 37 streetlights not working, and thieves have also targeted wooden electricity poles along Huntley Road.

“Part of our concern as a watch stems from the fact that criminals can now use the cover of darkness to commit crime, especially during winter as it gets darker earlier in the afternoon. We aren’t sure of the route the cable thieves are using, but I will say that the bush along Huntley Road is encroaching on the road. At our last count last week, we had a total of 37 streetlights that weren’t working, mainly due to cable theft.

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“A telltale sign the morning after is that you see the cables dangling from the streetlight pole. Along a small section of Huntley Road, thieves have also targeted the wooden poles. We suspect they are being used for building material.

“I’ve learned in my correspondence with the eThekwini Municipality that they have a backlog of streetlight repairs which is why so many streetlights in the area have yet to be fixed. We feel that the solution would be to install solar-powered lights so that the thieves would not target the cables,” she said.

Thieves have targeted cables from inside the streetlights.

Hubl added that there is also a concern for pedestrians, domestic workers and residents walking in and out of the area.

In response to the thefts, the watch has increased its patrols along the various roads under its jurisdiction.

The eThekwini Municipality did not provide comment by the time of publishing.

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