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Hillary girl makes KZN Dolphins

The Dolphins KZN recently welcomed 11-year-old Hope Govender to their squad.

HOPE Govender is set for greater heights in the world of cricket as she was chosen for the KZN Dolphins Cricket Team. The 11-year-old, who is a learner at Hillary Primary, has been making strides in cricket from an early age.

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Having been coached by her father, Hope’s talent was recognised at seven years old – that was when her parents took the initiative to support her further and guide her in the growth of her talent. Hope said she remembers feeling excited just to be part of the sport and enjoyed playing it. “I just wanted to be out there to socialise with people; then I realised that I actually liked the sport, so I continued to play.”

Her first-ever cricket match was a bit tricky as she was the only girl, but it has become easier and more enjoyable with every match.
With the intention to have fun and gain experience, Hope went for the KZN trails where she earned a spot in the team.
“I had no expectation to get in as I was the only girl and one of the youngest. When my mom told me I got on the team, I was so excited, I even cried because I didn’t think I would make it,” she explained.

Hope’s parents describe her as an all-rounder who is performing just as well in her academics.
“We are so proud of her, especially as a young girl excelling in a male-dominated sport. Through supporting her, we have observed how much support girls in cricket can use. We have been looking into schools that will nurture her talent as she progresses to high school.

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“Our wish is for her to get all the support she needs, from schools and the cricket world at large,” said Hope’s parents.

The 11-year-old aspires to make it to the national Proteas team and is set to carry on with her studies as she wishes to become a veterinarian.

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