Electricity tariffs increase, service decreases

Letter to the Editor - week ending 1 April 2016.

EDITOR – On 17 March at about 3pm the electricity went off. I tried phoning Eskom to find out what was happening, but, as usual, I could get no response.

The excuse on the recorded message was: “We are experiencing high call volumes.” Now all we can do is wait and wait and wait. All night there was no power and into Friday, 18 March we were still waiting. More phonecalls, more deaf ears, and by then my freezer contents were defrosted and went to waste.

My cellphone went flat, my chargers went flat, emergency lamps went flat and I could not charge anything because there was no power.

26 hours went by and there was still no power.

The so-called reason for no power was a cable fault. In the past, a cable fault would take no longer than a couple of hours to rectify. We went into the second night without power. Why did it take so long to fix a relatively easy fault? Unless no one is qualified to do the work or someone is abusing the system by taking much longer and then claiming much more overtime than necessary. Eskom wants to raise tariffs yet again, but gives awful service.

Keith Albrighton


Questions were forwarded to the municipality for comment. No comment was received by the time of going to print.

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