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Convicted killer still serves in Ekurhuleni Metro Police

The residents of Ekurhuleni should have faith in their police officers

AT least seven members currently serving within the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department have criminal records with one having been convicted of murder.

The official convicted of murder is still awaiting sentencing.

DA ward councillor Wollaston Labuschagne, who is also a member of the community safety oversight committee in Ekurhuleni, obtained this information following written questions to the MMC of community safety, Clr Vivienne Chauke.

“It is shocking to learn that a number of EMPD officials in Ekurhuleni have criminal records,” Labuschange said in a statement.

According to the list provided by Chauke the crimes the members were convicted of are theft (1), perjury (1), culpable homicide (1), extortion (2), murder (1) and corruption (1). All these officials, except the one convicted of murder, received suspended sentences.

“The MMC also provided a comprehensive list of all the EMPD officials with criminal records, inclusive of names, rank, offence and the departments in which they are stationed. In a previous council term, it came to light that 115 officials had criminal records. The number of names has since decreased, yet the very same officials with past criminal records still serve in the EMPD. This confirms that many of these officials have applied for criminal clearance,” he added.

“There is one particular official serving in the VIP unit who was found guilty of murder. This official is awaiting sentencing, yet he is still serving in the EMPD. How does the metro justify keeping a murderer on its payroll?

“The residents of Ekurhuleni should have faith in their police officers. How can this be when the police are criminals themselves?

“It has been evident that the EMPD under the current ANC administration is not interested in getting rid of the bad apples in the pack, as they allow criminal cases against officers to drag on until they are eventually swept under the carpet.

“It is yet to be seen if the newly appointed Chief of Police, Gen Isaac Mapiyeye, will take any action against officials guilty of ill-discipline and criminal conduct,” Labuschagne said.

Kempton Express has referred the matter to the EMPD for comment.

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