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Smurf alert in Krugersdorp

A blue creature, better known as a Smurf, was spotted in town.

A Smurf was spotted at the intersection at Key West shopping centre while pleasantly entertaining motorists and of course his friends watching from the street corner.

Usually motorists are stalked by beggars and hawkers around every corner and at every intersection, but luckily not this time.

Traditionally grooms-to-be take to the streets dressed in costumes to beg for money before tying the knot. This tradition has become increasingly popular in Krugersdorp and usually is embarrassing for the groom while his friends either cheer him on or mock him.

Sometimes we see these brave grooms-to-be at traffic lights – some dressed in tutus and women’s clothing, while others wear the bare minimum in an effort to attract more attention.

This particular blue Smurf was by far the most interesting one Krugersdorp motorists have seen in a very long time.

The news unfortunately did not have the opportunity to stop and identify this blue creature but one thing is certain, this Smurf definitely has spirit.

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