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Protesters not giving up

Rumours of housing issues have surfaced.

Rubber bullets, teargas and rocks littered Tudor Road in Chamdor yesterday (25 January), and now it seems the protesters are stirring yet again.

This morning (26 January) Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson, Papi Motaung, informed the News that yesterday’s protesters are yet again up in arms.

After numerous school children could not get to school because of yesterday’s protests, Motaung was glad to confirm that the children did indeed get to school safely today.

Police tried to disperse the crowd with teargas, but to no avail. Today, the Public Order Policing Unit is already at the scene.

The protesters have barricaded Tudor Road in Chamdor.
The protesters have barricaded Tudor Road in Chamdor.

Rumours about the reason for the protest surfaced. Nina Matong commented on the initial article on Facebook saying she was told by a woman who lives in Soul City informal settlement “they want running water and electricity.”

She said they are fighting because the Mayor said they need to move from the informal settlement.

The News reported on 23 October last year that residents from the Tudor Shaft (also known as Soul City) informal settlement would be moved by Mogale City Local Municipality from the radioactive area to a safer place.

The National Nuclear Regulator had found that portions of land on which the informal settlement was developed on had uranium deposits with the potential of exposing people to radioactivity.

The community was informed last year that contractors already were demarcating sites and installing bulk infrastructure services. They were asked not to build new shacks in the area.

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