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Blame shifts as sewage pollution continues

Who is to blame for sewage being pumped out at the wrong place?

It seems the blame for sewage being pumped towards the Magalies River is shifted back to Mogale City.

When Michael Holenstein, a Democratic Alliance ward councillor, went to Ga Mogale pump station he found a sanitation company’s truck sucking up the waste, “because the pump apparently did not work”. The truck then allegedly released the sewage onto the grass and the waste eventually found its way to the Magalies River.

The News contacted the sanitation company and was told the company merely supplies the truck as a vacuum tanking service along with a driver. How the service is delivered, allegedly is under the municipal supervisor’s control.

The News contacted Nkosana Zali, Mogale City Local Municipality spokesperson, but no comment has been received yet.

Meanwhile, the Magalies and Bloubank Rivers are flooded with plastics, cans and possibly, according to Holenstein, human waste.

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