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Santa has a scary job

While some Santas handle picture day well, others panic as screaming children are put on their laps.

We all have at least one bad photo and one good photo with Santa that we took during the December holidays.

Sometimes the photos come out well and we send them to family and friends around the world. Other times, the photos are so bad, we keep them for ourselves to avoid future blackmail by siblings or family members.

Parents put their children on Santa’s lap and for one or another reason expect them to sit quietly and smile while their picture is being taken. Most of the time, the pictures come out horrible as the child screams and cries while Santa awkwardly smiles.

Let’s face it – putting your child on Santa’s lap is actually a very disturbing concept. Think about it – you are placing your under-aged child on the lap of an elderly bearded man and expecting him/ her to react normally. Also, this man is usually a stranger. Then the man, who probably has a deep voice, asks your child, “What do you want for Christmas?”. A strange concept indeed.

We can all agree however, that Santa has a very difficult job as he has to to hold screaming children all day. Some handle it quite well, while others panic instantly.

Here are three of the best Santa picture fails chosen by the News:


1. Sometimes people reproduce too much and Santa has to deal with double the trouble on photo day. Santa yelled as he struggled to keep these twins calm and on his lap. The desperation on his face can be noticed from a mile away and it seems as if he groaned, “Please, help me” as the shot was taken.


2. Santa gets scared too. Sometimes holding two children at once can be scary as well as difficult. This Santa fixed his eyes on the lens of the camera and seemed to wish for the end of the photo session with everything that was in him. Maybe he didn’t finish school and this is just a job he has to do. Who knows?


3. Santa’s biggest problem isn’t crying babies, it’s holding onto the toddlers who can actually get off his lap by themselves. It would seem that a man as big as he is wouldn’t experience fear, but he really does. Santa’s panicked face tells a story of fear of the parents who are looking at his every move from behind the camera. The little girl who managed to scoot down his lap is unlikely to fall, but Santa knows there’s no guarantee of this – and her father might be a big buff bloke.

So next time you see a Santa on picture day, have mercy on the man or give him a high five for not resorting to alcohol after having to hold screaming children all day.

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