Taxi driver caught with police pistol

A stop and search recently led to the discovery of a police pistol in the possession of a taxi driver.

“Stop and search operations involving vehicles and trucks will be more intensified on famous routes, among them Impala Road next to Tshepisong, and the R41 and the R13 on the West Rand. This after people posing as law enforcement personnel have been hijacking delivery and private vehicles,” warned Kagiso Police station commander, Brigadier Themba Maduna.

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While conducting stop and searches in Tshepisong on 14 July at about 1.10am, the Kagiso Police’s crime prevention unit noticed that the driver of a minibus taxi failed to stop at stop signs and drove recklessly on Dulcie September Street. Police suspected that he was intoxicated. They pulled over his taxi to be searched.

During their search they recovered a 9mm police firearm of which the serial number had been filed off. They also found eight rounds of ammunition.

The 33-year-old suspect was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, and detained at the Kagiso Police Station. He will appear in court soon.

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