Rather hit the road, Jack, than be hijacked

Kagiso Police warn residents of a spike in hijackings at night.

Kagiso Police management has raised concern about incidents where victims are hijacked while they are sitting inside their parked vehicles on pavements next to their place of residence at night.

“It has become a common complaint that victims reported being hijacked next to their place of residence or just at any street,” West Rand District Police spokesperson Captain Solomon Sibiya said.

He added victims are thus caught off guard by armed opportunists.

According to Sibiya, in the latest incident, the victim was sitting inside his vehicle with his partner at about 22:00 one night when he was approached and robbed of his belongings at gunpoint by three gunmen.

“Unsuspecting people put themselves in a more vulnerable and life-threatening situation, police in Kagiso, therefore, wish to warn members of the public to refrain from parking and sitting inside their vehicles on the street at night, as well as walking late at night, especially intoxicated. Rather pick up your partner and drive to a safe spot where there are a lot of people and movement. Criminals also observe and can easily identify an opportunity,” Sibiya said.

“Let us all contribute to eliminate unnecessary attacks by taking precautions. Anyone walking and parking alongside at night is likely to become a victim of robbery associated with aggression and violence,” Sibiya added.

Kagiso Police Station Commander Brigadier Nyelisani Mabatha is pleading with members of the public not to make things easy for criminals.

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