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On a cleaning mission in Munsieville … all on his own

A resident in Munsieville is considered a local hero as he makes it his mission to clean the streets all by himself.

Michael Seekolo recently took it upon himself to clean the streets of his community in Munsieville.

Illegal dumping has been a problem in Mogale City for a while. Even the municipality acknowledged this during a report sent to the Krugersdorp News by Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM) communications officer, Refilwe Mahlangu, a little over a month ago.

“Illegal dumping remains one of the major challenges currently faced by the municipality as companies, industries and residents deliberately dump waste into the environment and undesignated areas,” Mahlangu said.

This is where Michael steps in.

He said that he is doing his part to keep his community clean by using his equipment – this includes cleaning and tidying up the streets and dumping sites, all on his own. He added that it is very important for him to target areas outside schools, for example, he recently cleaned the streets outside Phatudi Primary School.

Michael added his biggest challenge is the flack he receives from unhappy councillors, however, the resident argues that he is doing it only for the love of his community, and not for any political party.

“I do it because I love seeing people enjoy walking in a clean place so that we can receive blessings from God to keep the earth clean,” Michael concluded.

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