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Five games that are perfect for a stay-indoor Sunday

The recent chilly weather across South Africa has inspired this list of indoor activities to keep your kids busy and entertained.

Keeping your energetic child busy indoors is no easy task, especially if all they want to do is play outside. If, however, the weather is particularly miserable and chilly today, indoor play might be the only option.

We’ve rounded up five indoor activities to help keep your little one’s mind off the fun things there is to do outside and instead focus on all the fun there’s to have in the living room.

Build an obstacle course

Every child loves having a fort of their own. Help your tot build an obstacle course with tables, chairs, cushions, and blankets in the living room that leads to the ford. The two of you can race each other on the obstacle course to see who gets to the fort first.

Blow up the fun with balloon tennis

Blow up a couple of balloons and play a game of balloon tennis with your toddler. Balloons are safer to use indoors and there’ll be less chance of your great grandmother’s china vase landing in pieces on the floor. If the balloons burst, throw the pieces away immediately. Your tot can easily choke on them.

Build a puzzle together

If your little one is a little worn out from the balloon tennis and obstacle course, help him build one of his favourite puzzles – or buy a new one as a special treat.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek can be a lot of fun on rainy days, and you’ll still be able to clean and pick up toys while you search for your toddler.

Start a ‘band’

Form a ‘band’ with your toddler and let him play on his toy musical instruments, or he can even play the drums on pots and pans (make sure you have earplugs on hand). The two of you can dress up and rock to your favourite songs.

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