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TZANEEN: Angry protesters stop road project

A group of Nkowankowa residents have stopped a road building project and say it will resume after their demands are met.

The street dwellers of Soshangane and Giyani Street in Nkowankowa Section B, accuse the Greater Tzaneen Municipality and in particular Ward 19 Councillor for ignoring their demands.

According to them, they were supposed to be the beneficiaries of the new road, but instead the project changed directions and was being built at Codesa Street instead of Giyani Street.

The disappointed residents resorted to a protest where they burned tyres outside the construction site.

“We were told that Giyani Street is not in the map and that according to them the street is a passage,” said one of the unhappy resident.

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They were joined by a group of EFF supporters in the protest.

“As the EFF we want to know why the plan changed, we are here to serve the community and we will stay with them until we get the answers we want,” explained Given Mlondobozi, part of the EFF Tzaneen Sub-regional Task Force.

The residents wrote a letter to the MEC Nandi Ndalane, of the Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure in Limpopo, demanding that they intervene in their cry.

The Greater Tzaneen Municipality eventually had a meeting with the complainants and have reached an agreement which both parties are happy with.

The project has since been reinstated.

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