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Giyani to benefit from partnership with Casric

The days when Dynamos FC reigned in Giyani might be counted as the Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM) is currently contemplating signing an agreement with Casric Stars FC to use the Giyani Stadium as its home ground.

According to GGM municipal manager, Vusi Duncan Khoza, the municipality is currently formalising an agreement that would see Casric Stars use the stadium free of charge in the near future. Casric is currently using the stadium on normal rental arrangement terms, where it is required to book the stadium every time it needs to stage a soccer game.

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“Yes, we had a discussion leading to the conclusion of a service level agreement (SLA) but for now they are using it on a pay-as-you-use basis. “We have done some work at the stadium to improve the facility as there were issues regarding the ablution, particularly in the VIP area, which we have fixed.

Casric assisted with the installation of tiles,” explained Khoza. “However, the key thing that we intend to achieve with them in the future is to have some sort of partnership or formalised SLA that would have an economic benefit for the residents of GGM,” he continued.

Casric FC’s striker (yellow) tries to dribble-pass Gezani United defenders during their friendly match at Giyani Stadium recently.

Khoza also stated that the municipality would continue to look at ways to make the stadium more suitable for sports in general. “If we choose a service provider to look after the facility, we’ll be able to claim back from the service provider if damages or vandalism occur,” he said.

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