VIDEO: HBO Max’s ‘Raised By Wolves’ filmed in Cape Town, South Africa

A new sci-fi hit series, filmed in Cape Town, has been released on HBO Max on 3 September.

HBO Max, a video on demand platform by American TV network HBO, released a sci-fi series called Raised By Wolves on 3 September 2020.

The series follows the story of a dystopian world where two androids, named Mother and Father, raise human children on a new planet after the destruction of the earth which was caused by a war. As the human colony grows, different belief systems threaten the harmony of the new planet, showing the androids how difficult it is to influence human beliefs.

The series was shot in Cape Town, South Africa at the Film Afrika Studios, as well as in various locations in the Western Cape.

Over the years, the Western Cape has become a desirable location for international production companies to film, making South Africa the backdrop to some of our favourite movies and TV series. 

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