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Why does my child’s breath stink?

If your child has 'dragon breath', it's best to get to the root of the cause. Your child may be dehydrated or sick.

Your child’s breath may smell due to the food they consume or poor dental hygiene, but once you’ve ruled out food and poor teeth brushing, there may be additional causes for your child’s bad breath.

Your child could be dehydrated

Even after developing a dry mouth, busy children often forget to hydrate themselves. Adults’ and children’s mouths can smell due to dehydration and medicine, according to Colgate.

A dry mouth has a number of negative effects on oral health, including foul breath and making your child’s teeth more susceptible to cavities and decay.

Your child may have tonsillitis

According to Kids Health, infected tonsils often cause bad breath in kids.

Tonsils, which are situated at the back of the throat on both sides, form part of the body’s defence system. Your child’s tonsils defend them against germs, viruses, and bacteria that come in through the nose and mouth. That is why they often get infected when your child has colds and flu.

Tonsils have lots of little crevices. When they are swollen, it is easy for food particles to be trapped in them, along with the pus and sores that could be on your child’s infected tonsils can contribute to bad breath.

Your child might have a sinus infection

Your child’s bad breath can be caused by a clogged nose, a sinus infection, or even a toy or other foreign object lodged in their nose.

Postnasal drip and mucus dripping into the throat instead of out of the nose can cause bad breath. This happens when the mucus is physically blocked from coming out of your child’s nose when your blow by inflamed sinuses,

In the case of small children, an object stuck in the nose causing irritation and a blockage can also be to blame.

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