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How to make paper mice finger puppets

Paper mice puppets are easy to make with just a sheet of white, black or brown paper, scissors, glue, and some coloured pens or crayons.

These paper mice puppets fit perfectly on little fingers and, best of all, they’re so easy to make!

What you need

  • A sheet of white, grey, black, or brown paper (one A4 will yield four mice)
  • A cup or small bowl (to trace a circle shape)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Coloured pens or crayons

How to make it

  1. Trace and cut a circle out of a sheet of paper, about 17cm in diametre.
  2. Fold the circle in half and then in half again, creating folded lines to mark out the quarters.
  3. Split the quarters in half to produce one mouse.
  4. Apply adhesive to one long side of the quarter, then roll it up and fasten it. Your first basic paper cone mouse is complete.
  5. Help your child add features to their mouse puppet, such as eyes, a nose, a tail, and ears.

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