CMR Middelburg Place of Safety maintenance and repair day

CMR Middelburg Place of Safety is planning a maintenance and repair day for the house in Zuid Street on Saturday, 24 March.

CMR Middelburg is pleading with the community to support the maintenance day by means of:

• Labour for the day.
• Donations of items needed.
• Financial donations towards purchasing of items needed.

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Maintenance that needs to be done includes:

•Paint house inside and outside.
•Replace nine inside doors.
•Installation of door and door frame.
•Attach closet door in main bedroom.
•Replace sliding door slot and handles.
•Replace five slots on doors.
•Replace toilet.
•Tighten window nuts.
•Replace window sliding stay and screw.
•Installation of five wall fans.
•Building/installation of shade net roof (15 m x 5.1 m).
•Building/installation of roof on playground (5 m x 3 m).
•Blackboard paint on outside wall.
•Welding and installation of gate at generator.
•Clean inside of garage.
•Installation of shelves and rails in garage.

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•Repair of wooden chairs.
•Making and installation of four gates.
•Installation of OpenView/TV antenna.
•Making/installation of two netball goalposts.
•Filling of window putty on windows.
•Attach fire extinguisher bracket.
•Installation of towel rail in main bathroom.
•Installation of towel rails in bedrooms.
•Installation of ceiling in garage.
•Replace globe of security light.
•Repair chest of drawers.
•Attach handles of chest of drawers.
•Repair wall next to cupboard in hall.
•Replace shower door wheels.
•Installation of curtain rail brackets
•Installation of mirror on wall.
•Attach house numbers to wall.
•Installation of doorbell outside.
•Fix cornices.
•Fill cracks in walls.
If you can help in any way, call Hannami or Helenè on 013 282 7261 or send an email to

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