Rugby and dan gaan ons braai…..

South Africa is holding its breath, our collective hairs are rising, and our stomachs are filling with butterflies, all because we are back on the biggest stage of rugby, the World Cup final.

To commemorate this very special time, the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality is hosting a live watch-along of the titanic clash between New Zealand and South Africa at Kees Taljaard Stadium.

Gates will open on Saturday at 17:00 with free entrance, but no bottles are allowed. Gather your friends and family, as there is enough time to find the perfect spot at the stadium in time for the 21:00 kick-off.

Over the past eight weeks, we have cheered on our heroes in green and gold, taken joy in every try, and brought to the verge of tears at the end of each tightly contested game.
We have done so willingly and gladly, not just because we love our team, our players or our rugby, but because we love our country.

Our inaugural entry into the Rugby World Cup back in 1995 showed both us and the world how sports can unite people.
These triumphs shaped our nation’s future.

In 2019, when Siya Kolisi, the first black captain of the Springboks, lifted the trophy in 2019, it showed us how far we had come as a nation.
In that moment Siya became immortalised, he gave hope to every single child in our country, regardless of race, gender or creed.

This Saturday he has the opportunity to do it again, but regardless of this weekend’s result, we will still love him and the team, because throughout this tournament, even at their lowest point, they stood up, dusted themselves off and pushed through to claw their way to victory.

They did so because that is the South African way, win or lose this weekend, we will dust ourselves off, proudly stand tall en dan gaan ons braai!

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