Loskop Dam facing potential hyacinth threat

The Middelburg Observer was alerted by concerned residents of a hyacinth threat currently plaguing Olifantsrivier, that could potentially spread to the Loskop Dam.

The residents were shocked to see hundreds of dead fish as far as the eye could see, between Middelburg and Emalahleni.

The danger hyacinths pose are immense.  Through a process called fragmentation, hyacinths can reproduce extremely quickly. covering large bodies of water in a thick mat.

More images of the hyacinth infestation.

Hyacinths are an invasive species, that have the ability to eradicate other plants and aquatic life, thus destroying the local ecosystem.

When hyacinth decay, they absorb the dissolved oxygen in water, killing hundreds of fish in the process.

Hartbeespoort Dam is a prime example of the damage hyacinths can cause, as the dam become entrenched with the plant, where 30 recreational boats needed to be recovered.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) urged boats to steer clear hyacinths mats, stating, “Rescuing people in boats entrapped by water hyacinth is a complex operation and will not be necessary if people do not enter the floating mats.”

Read more here: 30 boats trapped in water hyacinths on Hartbeespoort Dam

Loskop Dam could experience a similar fate if the hazard that the hyacinths present are not properly dealt with immediately.


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