Five apps to keep your brain engaged and entertained

Mental exercise at the touch of a button (thank you, tech!)

The stress of the last 18 months has taken a toll on our mental health, leaving many people feeling anxious, overwhelmed and unable to focus.

If you’re battling brain fog, feel slower than normal (there is so much we’re out of practice for!) or simply want a distraction from the cycle of worry, these six apps may be the answer.

All have been designed to stimulate the brain in a fun way and are easily accessible on a tablet or cellphone, 24 x 7. Some are even free…

Lumosity – A longtime, global favourite, this app promises to improve memory, increase focus and help you feel sharper with its bank of customized, easy-to-learn brain games for individuals and teams.

Elevate – This award-winning app offers more than 35 games to improve focus, expand vocabulary, build communication skills, sharpen memory recall and enhance your maths ability to boost productivity and grow confidence.

Wordscapes – A family-friendly word puzzle game that tests your crossword, anagram and word search skills. There are more than 6 000 puzzles included, complete with scenic backgrounds to help you relax and unwind. If you’re looking for something fun, this is it!

Duolingo – Keen to learn a new language? Duolingo makes it easy with daily, bite-sized lessons that allow you to practice speaking, reading, listening and writing languages such as French, German, Spanish and Italian. It’s fun and totally free!

TED – Browse their huge online library and listen to short, informative talks by world-class thinkers on everything from health and the environment to science, technology, design and child development. Available for free, this app is a great way to educate yourself on topics you might otherwise not discover.  

Gareth Drawbridge

Digital content producer
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