Book club: Our top choice for book clubs this month

Two new books – both perfect for those of you looking for light hearted reads.

Local author Fiona Snyckers has just released her latest novel, The School Gates … which is the PERFECT book club read.

This is the third in a loose trilogy – the first two, Now Following You and SPIRE both fabulously successful. This one sees Ella Burchell, burnt out after years as a professional dancer, move to a small KwaZulu Natal north coast town, where she gets a job teaching dance to children at a for-profit private school. She had no idea, when she took the position, about the mums.

The private-school mums … who run the school as their won personal fiefdom. Circling the cliques at the school gates, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Even when the gorgeous new cricket coach arrives, she’s too busy fielding their demands to pay him much attention.

Great fun … particularly since there’s more than one mum we know who could fit easily into this school-gate clique! Modjaji Books, from Exclusive Books

Another perfect book club read … How To Save A Life by Eva Carter. Structured around the simple steps involved in CPR, this book kicks off with Joel, who collapses at a New Year’s Eve party.

Enter Kerry, who performs CPR until the ambulance arrives, and Tim, who wants to be a doctor by freezes when it’s his turn to help.

The book, which was inspired by the author’s own experience of giving CPR to her partner and by her mum’s stories of when she worked as a trauma nurse, follows the trio, and shows there’s more to being a hero than a split second decision … it’s all about how you live your life. Pan Macmillan, from Exclusive Books

Gareth Drawbridge

Digital content producer
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