Book Club – A Trio of Thrilling Reads

Filled with suspense and twists, these three books will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Could. Not. Put. This. Down.

Samantha Downing (of My Lovely Wife and He Started It … so we should have known it would be a killer read) has outdone herself with For Your Own Good.

Teddy Crutcher – the very proud recipient of the Teacher of the Year award at the prestigious Belmont Academy – only wants what’s best for his pupils. Even those he doesn’t particularly like. His goal is to improve them … any which way he sees fit. But would this obnoxious teacher move the chip off his shoulder long enough to kill for them? Maybe. Maybe not.

Since while there is a death, it appears there are many people at the school with grudges and agendas. Which makes for a brilliantly chilling,  suspenseful read … you’re never sure who to trust. If you fancy psychological thrillers with plenty of twists, you will love this. Penguin, available at

Twisted. Dark. Suspenseful (oh, so suspenseful). Lisa Jewell’s books are always edge-of-your-seat, and The Night She Disappeared is a tremendous psychological thriller.

From the very first page, you’re enveloped in a sense of doom … you just know there’s going to be no happy-ever-after ending.

There’s a young couple who disappear after a night partying at a massive country estate, leaving a much adored baby behind with his gran, a group of not-terribly- desirable youngsters who are meant to be their friends but are not unduly concerned or every vaguely helpful, and two awful mothers who leave a lot to be desired.

There are drugs and love,  secrets and lies, cryptic clues and many, many twists and turns. Honestly, don’t start it at bedtime … you will not be able to  put it down. Penguin, available at

Shari Lapena is another much-enjoyed author, mistress of the twist in the tale. But there’s more than just the one twist in Not A Happy Family … the twisted tale of a rather twisted, wealthy family.

Nothing extra-ordinary happens at the annual Easter family dinner. After all, there’s always drama, so it’s to be expected.

What’s not expected is the murder of the parents after the children and their partners leave. And what’s not terribly normal is the reaction, and secrets, each of them have after the bodies are found. Twist after twist after …  Penguin, , available at

Gareth Drawbridge

Digital content producer
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