A change is as good as a holiday

Making a change in your immediate environment can really help to feel a little less stuck.

The year is running away from us and it is quite normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes.  Over and above living and travelling costs that continue to rise, there is also a distinct feeling that time is really flying.  We are still dealing with Covid as well, it seems like the Big Brother watching us over our shoulders. Amidst all of this, many people feel that they are stuck, without knowing how to get out of this feeling.  Sometimes, the answers can be in very simple actions that can be taken.

Making a change in your immediate environment can really help to feel a little less stuck.  Have a look at your home environment, maybe move some furniture around, paint a wall a different colour, swop 2 rooms, change your kitchen, incorporate some house plants.  Another thing is to start moving, a bit of exercise can get the blood flowing and get some fresh air in your lungs.  The movement alone helps us feel a little less stuck.

If you feel demotivated, change around your office space if you can do so.  Maybe try to get a standing desk, sitting the entire day is not good for you.  Move around a bit, make sure you don’t eat your lunch at your desk, make a concerted effort to have it in the canteen at the office, outside, or if you have a recreational area at the office, have your lunch there.

We need to make an effort to not stay stuck.  Feeling like this does not have a positive effect on one’s psyche.  It is important to do a few small things in order to feel that there is hope.  Consult with a Doctor or Therapist, talk to a friend, reach out to a family member.  Know that you are not in this alone, there is help available, just learn to ask.

In these times where it is becoming almost impossible to enjoy a holiday away as expenses are soaring, try to make a simple change in your life or environment, this might just end up being as good as a holiday.

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