Housebreaker arrested

MIDRAND - A quick response by police led to the arrest of a suspected house robber.

A 35-year-old man was bust for the burglary of a home on Douglas Road in Kyalami at 11.25am on 8 November.

Midrand police Communication Officer Constable Matome Tlamela said, “According to the complainant, while she was busy cleaning her house she saw an unknown man moving up and down the yard. The complainant went to the garage to observe the suspect’s movements, and called one of the Midrand Community Policing Forum [CPF] members and the police for assistance.”

Tlamela said while the complainant was on the call, the suspect gained entry through the kitchen window and went to the bedroom. “After sometime the suspect exited the house using the same window and he jumped the fence and went to the nearest veld.”

The suspect was wearing a white shirt with jeans. Upon arrival of the police, the complainant gave a description of the suspect and showed them the direction he took when he left the house.

Midrand police and the CPF members went in search of the suspect. “With the quick response of the police, the suspect was arrested and found in possession of items stolen from the complainant’s house. All the items were recovered and were handed back to the lawful owner,”said Tlamela.

“The suspect is facing charges of house breaking and theft.”

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