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Local resident releases debut single in memory of her horse

The stark reality of loss brought to life in De Vallier’s debut single ‘Watch Over Me’ which seeks to raise funds for the Highveld Horse Care Unit.

‘Accepting reality is accepting our mortality’, these words come from a Midrand-based resident Katia De Vallier.

Ultimately, life on earth will come to an end, and many of us have encountered loss at some point in our lives.

For some, that loss may be a fellow human being, a friend or relative, and for some it is the loss of a beloved animal.

For De Vallier, a turning point in her life was the loss of her horse, Goudhoek Nana, due to a freak accident.

The mare fell and broke her neck, severing the main artery. Witnessing the entire incident, Katia was devastated.

The stark reality of loss is brought to life in De Vallier’s debut single, Watch Over Me, which seeks to raise funds for the Highveld Horse Care Unit (HHCU) that cares and provides for hundreds of horses each year.

This includes their outreach programme, rehoming of equines off the racetrack and equines surrendered to the unit.

The organisation’s marketing manager Joanne Pursey said they appreciated De Vallier’s effort to helping the horses. “After Covid, things have been tough financially and we truly appreciate every cent we receive.

“We just love the song, as it comes straight from the heart. I think it is amazing that Katia has changed a very sad situation into a beautiful memory.”

De Vallier said the wonderful thing about music is that it has healing properties. For a songwriter it can serve as a kind of catharsis – Watch Over Me was her way of processing her grief.

Katia De Vallier drops her debut song in memory of her late horse.

Despite having been in the industry for many years as a live performer, this was her first attempt at songwriting. The song is a ballad which tugs at the heartstrings of its listener.

Although its a personal song, she hopes that her listeners will be able to relate it to their own life or story.

“Essentially, Watch Over Me is about a close partnership. Anyone who has experienced a loss of a dear pet or loved one will be able to identify with this song.

“The aim is to celebrate and cherish the memories and existence of someone that has passed. It is an emotional song but I do believe that members of the public will find listening to it a healing experience.”

De Vallier explained that music has always been her go-to in times of emotional turmoil. “I am so proud of the song. It portrays the story of my Nana and I want to share it with the rest of the world.”

Details: Locals can watch the visuals of the song on YouTube titled Katia De Vallier – Watch Over Me.

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