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Crowthorne’s assault case pre-trial date announced

The mother of the 13-year-old teenager, who was allegedly also manhandled by the accused, said she will fight tooth and nail for her daughters justice.

The Randburg Magistrate’s Court has set August 21 as the pre-trial date for a man who allegedly manhandled a 13-year-old girl at Crowthrone Christian Academy last year.
This after the accused appeared briefly in court on May 31, accompanied by his legal representative.

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The incident sparked outrage from community members and the Economic Freedom Fighters which led to the closure of the school by the Gauteng Department of Education. The school has remained closed since August last year, with parents of learners needing to make alternative plans for their children who were enrolled.
In a video that went viral in August on various social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), the accused is seemingly seen violently removing the teenager and her mother out of a classroom.
The man accused of manhandling the pair is allegedly the spouse of the school principal and lives on the same property where the school is situated, in Crowthorne AH.
The teenager had come to school with her hair styled in dreadlocks which the accused claimed was against the school’s code of conduct. The mother had come to the school after she was called by the principal to come and collect her daughter who had been taken to the staff room because of her hairstyle. The mother had allegedly told her daughter to return to the classroom while she spoke to the principal. The principal and mother followed the learner back to the classroom which led to the altercation with the husband.
Following the alleged incident, the mother and daughter opened a case of assault with the police.

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The mother who requested anonymity said she was ‘willing to fight tooth and nail’ for her daughter following this ‘terrible situation’.
Speaking to the publication after the brief court session, she said, “They [the accused and legal team] wanted mediation so that the case does not go to trial. I want it to go to trial and ensure that justice is served for my daughter.
“I feel like the principal of the school did not protect my child against her husband, who was not even employed there.”
It is unclear who called the principal’s husband to intervene in the classroom.
When the accused appeared in the Midrand Magistrate’s Court on August 17 last year on two counts of common assault, he was granted R2 000 bail.
When asked to comment on the case, the accused’s legal representative said he did not want to speak to the press.

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