Hip hip hooray as Metro Police turns 20

MARTINDALE – In 20 years JMPD developed its Freeway, K9, Equestrian, By-law management and Anti-Land Invasion units to maximise safety and security in the city.

Metro police celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) reached a milestone of note in being the City’s leading safety and security entity for the last 20 years.

On 31 March the department celebrated its happy 20th anniversary.

Acting chief of the Metro police Angie Mokasi recognised and commended the significant and measurable difference the force has made in the safety of communities in the City of Johannesburg.

“We celebrate with both pride in our contributions to the City’s safety and a renewed commitment to what remains to be done. It is with sincere gratitude we acknowledge the previous chiefs, all employees, and other stakeholders, without whom we couldn’t have made it this far and continue to move forward blazing new trails.”

Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Public Safety Mally Mokoena reflected on the achievement, not only as a highlight of the City’s significant feat in creating and maintaining a formidable police force but also heralding the start of a new decade that promises to see the department soaring to much greater heights.

“It was on this same date in 2001 that Chris Ngcobo was inaugurated as the first chief of the Metro police. The first group of Metro police officers included former traffic officers who had to undergo further training in police ethics, South African law, criminal procedure, and arrest procedure, among other subjects, that were needed for them to be absorbed as Metropolitan police officers in terms of the South African Police Act. 1995. Metro police have grown by leaps and bounds since then.”

JMPD currently has approximately 4 500 officers and has been able to form key units such as the Integrated Intelligence Operations Centre (IIOC), the Freeway unit, the K9 unit, the Equestrian unit, the By-law management unit to enforce City by-laws, and the Anti-Land Invasion unit in its 20 years.

Mokoena added, “I am most proud of the extent of transformation in the Metro police throughout the years. In contrast to the approximately 40 female Metropolitan officers that were in the system 20 years ago, the department currently has 1 351 female officers.

“I salute those officers we lost in the line of duty. We tip our hats to them in their honour. Their memories will forever live on, and in their name, may our JMPD officers continue to serve the City with pride and distinction. I also salute those we lost to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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