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Horrific road accident claims lives of three

Family members started arriving on the scene while paramedics and rescue services were busy extricating the patients.

TEKWANE SOUTH – Another horrific bus accident has claimed the lives of three people this morning when an SBV vehicle had its bonnet open and crashed into the oncoming bus.

According to reports at the scene, approximately 113 people have been injured and at least three people were killed when the passenger bus then crashed into a ditch after being hit by the SBV vehicle.

Paramedics from numerous services were on the scene to assist the injured. According to bystanders on the scene the bus crashed on the Kanyamazane Road approximately fifteen kilometres outside of Nelspruit into the ditch.

The bus was headed towards Nelspruit and the SBV vehicle was headed towards the Kanyamazane direction.
Paramedics found two critically injured people in the bus, but sadly both of them succumbed to their injuries while paramedics were busy working on them.

At this stage it appears that majority of the patients sustained several fractures, lacerations and other injuries.
The ER24 DoH Mpumalanga medical helicopter landed at the scene to airlift one of the injured patients. The patients were transported to various hospitals in the area.

Family members also started arriving on the scene while paramedics and rescue services were busy extricating the patients.

Mpumalanga News learnt that when the accident happened after the a bonnet of the SBV opened, it forced the driver of the bus to use the solid lane as it’s allegedly believed that the driver was struggling to see the road due to the open bonnet of the SBV and he lost control.

Speaking to Mpumalanga News, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Buscor, Mr Vuyani Ndlovu, confirmed the accident and said:

“At this stage, we are still busy at the scene. We are trying to get more information, but there are passengers on the bus who sustained injuries and we didn’t get a total number as I believe that we will released more information at a later stage once we have gathered everything” he concluded.

View scenes from the accident here:

Scenes from the KaNyamazane bus accident, June 11

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  1. I’m really worried about this accident happen on our road devil is fitting with us,I would like to ask every one of us to pray very hard an ask God to have marcey an gave us peace in our road ,I would like to say sorry to those who lost their families an friend God may keep them in his protective blood an comfort them.

  2. Tats hectic 2 see this,dudu tihlobo,mndeni nebangani,those who a injured wshn them a speedy recovery

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